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As the world’s largest independent tobacco merchant, Universal Leaf Tobacco Company plays a key role in the tobacco supply chain. Since the strength, efficiency, and security of this supply chain is vital to our success and to the success of our customers, we work diligently to preserve the quality and integrity of our tobacco from time it is planted, through our processing facilities and until it is delivered to our customers.

We believe that the preservation and improvement of the supply chain is achieved through sound production and processing techniques and conducting our business according to ethical standards which protect and serve our employees, our communities, our environment, our suppliers, our customers and our shareholders.

Universal has in place a number of interrelated programs which function across the organization to maintain integrity in the quality of supply and in the principles guiding our conduct. The company has initiated a campaign—the Supply Chain Integrity Program (SCIP)—to clarify our supply chain goals and responsibilities, strengthen our policies and procedures and combine our efforts relating to common program objectives.

Universal’s SCIP incorporates these closely related programs into one integrated framework, uniting the best practices, overriding principles, guidelines, policies and procedures used to maintain complete supply chain integrity.

The purpose of this publication is to identify and explain our goals and principles concerning the integrity of the tobacco supply chain. We believe that our ability to effectively express these beliefs and objectives, along with our ability to meet industry and stakeholder needs and requirements, is paramount to maintaining and strengthening the relationships that sustain our success.

As part of our efforts, we have reviewed our global policies, procedures and customer requirements. We will publish applicable organizational minimum standards for distribution to our worldwide operations which will be continuously reviewed and revised as necessary. These minimum standards will be the basis for sustaining our supply chain integrity throughout the organization.
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