Case Study 1
Citizen Program
One of the projects our company is most proud of is our Universal Leaf Citizen Program in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil. The project involves a comprehensive approach to bettering the lives of the people in the town's most poverty-stricken, crime-ridden community.

Case Study 2
Philippine Summer School: Let's PLAY program
A cause that we at Universal truly care about is the prevention of child labor. We work to educate farmers around the world on how important it is to allow children to play, learn and grow. In the Philippines, we found a unique opportunity to help keep kids off the farm during the summer by providing them an alternative.

Case Study 3
After School Program (ASP) in India
A concern in parts of rural India is children working during peak agricultural seasons, which can contribute to poor school performance, truancy issues or children dropping out of school. To address this concern in tobacco-growing areas, we implemented a program to educate communities on the risks associated with child labor and identify those areas where children are vulnerable to school attendance issues. We initiated the After School Program (ASP) to help keep children in school.