The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance and begins with the working environment. Management is committed to providing the highest standard facilities, machinery and equipment and has published corporate guidelines regarding the controls and procedures necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees. Additionally, we regularly audit the health and safety systems in each of our global operations.
The prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses takes precedence over production, and we provide employees with the procedures, training, and personal protective equipment needed to do the job safely and effectively. Our health and safety programs also address fire safety, evacuation plans, first aid, use of personal protective equipment and site security.
Our concern for health and safety extends to the farm as well, helping our farmers to maintain a safe working environment. We’re so deeply committed to health and safety issues that we consider them parts of GAP and include them in GAP training. Specific supply chain issues, including agrochemical usage and green tobacco sickness, are carefully considered as are recommendations for safe working practices and personal protective equipment.