1. Companies don’t build businesses, people do

    At Universal, management has charted a course through depression, wars and geo-political upheavals. Along the way, our people have provided the energy and enthusiasm necessary to navigating the past and confronting the future.

  2. Relationships last

    They are the very fabric of what we do. Over the years, handshakes have signaled relationships built upon trust and loyalty. And, although today’s legal environment requires written agreements, those sealed with handshakes still signal the kind of relationships that will last, not just for a while but for decades to come.

  3. Do the right thing the right way

    Universal has become known for doing what it says it will do. When we take a position, make a promise or guarantee a result, you can count on us to deliver. Our fundamental promise is to do business in the future in the very same way—the right way.

  4. A company is known for what it values

    Consider our core beliefs, and you’ll understand the values that define us. They underpin the actions we take every day to cultivate and strengthen the various communities we depend on—growers, investors, employees and, most importantly, our customers. In short, we practice what we preach—that’s just what leaders do.

  5. Every action affects others

    We call that “The Ripple Effect”, and it is manifest in every decision we make. Every action gives rise to another….and another….and another….and so on. Consider this example. We provide a grower with training and crop analytics technology that results in better yields and, in turn, a more prosperous farmer better equipped to help improve the quality of life in his community. We work every day to take such actions mindful of the rippling impacts they will have on the lives of people, the needs of our investors, the requirements of our customers, the sustainability of our practices and the health of our planet.