Customer Community - For over 100 years, customers have rewarded us with their business, because they understand they can rely on Universal to do what we say we’ll do—a simple formula for building relationships that last. They’ve made us better in many ways, such as, their insistence that our products be fully compliant and sustainable and delivered via an efficient supply chain with attention to careful inventory management.
Farmer Community - They consistently work to provide us with a reliable and sustainable product that, both in style and quality, meets the exacting expectations of our customers.
Investor Community - Year after year, our investors have demonstrated their confidence in us with their debt and equity investments. Shareholders, in particular, are attracted to Universal for its 50-year track record of uninterrupted dividend increases. And, both groups value our conservative management style, one that faces the future with optimism tempered by common sense.
Employee Community - We’re constantly reminded of the enthusiasm of our employees who consistently deliver more than is expected and take personal responsibility for doing the right thing the right way. Together, they supply the energy that moves us forward, and we’re ever grateful to them.