Today the two companies employ at peak season almost 3,500 people, with TLTC indirectly contracting with 15,000 growers for the purchase of their tobacco, through farmer cooperatives known as Primary Societies.

The tobacco growing areas of Tanzania are spread very widely across the country, requiring an extensive agronomy footprint dedicated to promoting a sustainably grown crop and an efficient supply chain focusing on the farmer, the crop and the environment. One such focus is the development of more efficient curing barns that require much less wood and join together with the other aspects of the Company’s sustainable curing programme.

TLTC has its own training and research facility at its Urambo Seed Farm, promoting opportunities for trials on new seed varieties, technologies and practices, as well as training the Company’s field technicians.

TLTC and TTPL work closely with the local communities particularly supporting education and health.

Tobacco In Tanzania

Over 97% of the tobacco produced in Tanzania is Flue-Cured Virginia. The remaining 3% is Dark Fire-Cured.

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